On Saturday my beautiful friend A in London is getting married to her D. And I have got the honor of baking their wedding cake!

I especially love baking cake. With cake I mean tall, soft layers with rich, fluffy fillings in between, covered in a smooth creamy merengue butter cream or simply just plain, ordinary whipped cream. The queen of pastry is of course the wedding cake; e. g. a love manifestation of sugar and butter. I mean, the cake is one of the things you remember from a wedding – or want to forget for that matter. It’s an honor to be chosen as the wedding cake baker and when A asked me to be hers in February I was thrilled.
Some months of planning, writing long lists of ingredients, calculating batter amount and ordering decorations later we are just days from the big (cake) day. I arrived in London this afternoon and will start baking tomorrow in the kitchen at the wedding caterer Boulevard Events They have been really helpful not only with lending their kitchen and equipment but also with ordering all the ingredients. 5 kg of butter, 10 kg of sugar, 140 eggs and so on. The coming four days will be hectic and intense, but I can’t wait to start cracking “some” eggs and chopping strawberries. You can follow the baking process right here on the blog!


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