First wedding cake making day is over and the result of the hard work: 20 layers of soft lemon sponge cake

Everything is working out according to plan and I’ve had a great day meeting some really nice and helpful people. And I also got on the right bus to Hackney Wick, got off at the right stop in Hackney Wick and found the Boulevard Events and the kitchen just around the corner – in Hackney Wick. It’s not all about baking, this trip, it’s also about trying to get from A to B without getting lost too much.

Miss A stopped by with lunch. She stayed for a couple of hours and gave me a hand, wrapping cakes in clinging foil and chopping strawberries. Next time we meet is on Saturday she’ll be the Mrs!

Tomorrow it will be all about the filling: suisse merengue butter cream. Kind of tricky since you need to do several steps including whisk egg whites over a Bain Marie (water bath) until they’ve reached a certain degree, before whipping them into a merengue. But I still love making it and it covers cakes so beautifully.



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