Thursday night the fabulous vintage store Flique i Underjorden in Malmö arranged an amazing theme party inspired by the Lewis Carolls classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. With smashing vintage styled models, fine wine, organic hors d’oeuvre – and a decadent cake – the guests where most definitely pampered.

Weeks earlier I had contacted the owners of the store offering my baking skills whenever they were planning on throwing the next customer event. And so I was hired for the Alice in Wonderland-night. I decided quickly to make a decadent chocolate cake with lot’s and lot’s of buttercream. Going through my recipes and some Pinterest boards I concluded: “Ruffles on chocolate and strawberries it shall be!” Working on this particular cake have made me discover the sensation of piping buttercream – and I just love the fact that I can actually pipe different – beautiful – shapes and forms  with solely buttercream. This is something I will pursue until pure perfection in the nearby future!

Flique i Underjorden has posted some wonderful pictures from the Thursday’s event on Facebook here

Alice in Wonderland-cake
Chocolate cake
Strawberry and vanilla compote
Mascarpone cream
Swiss Merengue Butter Cream flavored with strawberry purée

Inside the Alice in Wonderland Cake
Inside the Alice in Wonderland Cake

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