When I was 20 I decided to become a vegetarian.

Some of my friends where vegetarians more or less and it was just the trending thing at the time. My green days lasted two years and although I don’t call myself a vegetarian today I base my cooking and baking on alternatives. Not only greens, not only meats but a mix. It’s a blend of different foods and kitchens, where I try to focus on a lot of vegetables, chicken and fish and less red meats. I rather go out to a fancy restaurant and eat a well prepared meat dish than cook it at home. But I’m not perfect either. For some reason meat is sometimes easier and faster to turn into a meal than vegetables, especially when you cook for kids.

In my baking I mix dairy and gluten with ingredients from green sources. Substituting honey for sugar or almond milk for cows milk creates new flavours and textures –and thus new experiences. Exploring different kinds of foods and kitchens from all over the world gives you a wonderful source to a versatile lifestyle and you will soon realize we have more in common than we might think, even if we live on the other side. Choosing food consciously is good for all of us and this recipe on Date Caramel Truffles is a good alternative to choose. These little treats contain only two – well, three if you add vegetable oil – ingredients: cashews and dates. What a great combo! And when mixed together and shaped into balls it’s just like sticky, chewy caramels! Discoveries like this blows my mind and makes me want to discover even more. It’s so easy to get stuck in the same pattern, taking the same route but when you decide to take a another road, oh, it can be just glorious. Now, go, make truffles!

Date Caramel Truffles, orange coconut

Date Caramel Truffles, orange zest

Date Caramel Truffles
– Orange Coconut & Chocolate Coffee

20 truffles
Sticky and chewy, like caramel. All ingredients used in this recipe are organic

120g / 4.2 oz. dates
120g / 4.2 oz. cashew nuts, unsalted
0,5 –1 tsp neutral vegetable oil (optional)
a pinch of sea salt

orange zest
shredded coconut

finely grated chocolate 70%
a splash of freshly brewed coffee
toasted sesame seeds
chopped toasted hazelnuts

1. Mix cashew nuts with a hand mixer into a fine powder.
2. Chop dates into small pieces. If they are a little bit dry, soak them in water for about 10 minutes.
3. Mix nuts and dates with the hand mixer until you have a sticky dough that can be easily kneaded into a ball.
4. Add oil (if necessary) and sea salt and combine.
5. Divide the dough into two pieces. Flavor one dough with orange zest and the other one with chocolate and coffee.
3. Take little pieces from the doughs and form into bite sized balls. Coat the orange truffles in shredded coconut and the chocolate truffles in sesame seeds, hazelnuts or cocoa.

A Sweet Tip
♣ Coat truffles in melted dark or white chocolate. You can also “double” coat, first in coconut and then in melted chocolate. Yum!
♣ Substitute cashew nuts for almonds, hazelnuts, sunflowers (mixed sunflower seeds makes a wonderful butter!) etc. Be sure to check the oil content in different nuts and adjust the vegetable oil measurement accordingly.

Bon appétit.

Date Caramel Truffles



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