Sometimes you just need to put some bling on your morning routine.

For me that can be eating exotic fruits for breakfast. When I was grocery shopping the other day I bought some very ripe organic mangos and passion fruits on sale to use in my morning breakfast shakes. I’m one of those people – there aren’t many of us left – who needs food in morning. One day a couple of weeks ago, I was so fed up with eating the same yoghurt with the same granola every single day. And since I’m trying to eat more veggies and greens, I thought I could try making fruit shakes instead, with plant based milk. (One other reason is that I’m cutting down on my dairy consumption, starting with milk, in order to see if a skin condition I’ve had since I was a child will be affected). You can drink them from a glass or pour the shake into a bowl and top with granola, seeds, fruit and nuts. Now and then I add a teaspoon of super fruit powder, but I’m not really convinced of its powers yet. In this shake I added baobab powder which supposedly contains a massive amount of vitamins, especially C, minerals and antioxidants in comparison to other healthy berries and fruits. It wasn’t cheap and I’m eagerly waiting for it to kick in. Some day.

Mango Passion Shake

Mango Passion Shake

Yields 1 serving (300 ml)

1 banana
1/2 fresh mango or a handful frozen mango bits
1/2 passion fruit, the seeds and fruit flesh (save some seeds for decoration)
1 tsp baobab powder (optional)
200 ml oat milk or other plant based milk
1 tbsp toasted coconut flakes

  1. Place all ingredients except coconut flakes in a mixer and mix until smooth. Serve in a tall glass and decorate with toasted coconut flakes and passion fruit seeds. Bon appétit.

Mango Passion Shake

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