Do you have a blender or mixer of some sort in the pantry? If so, you can make homemade powdered sugar!

I use raw granulated cane sugar in my cakes and cookies, even when I make meringue based sweets like French Macarons. But you’ll need powdered sugar for the macarons, right? Well, you can just make that too!

Raw Powdered Sugar

Raw Powdered Sugar

Take as much raw granulated sugar (or plain white sugar) you’ll need, I took 200 grams. Place it in a blender or a mixer (preferably with really sharp knifes). You can also use a hand mixer but make sure to mix the sugar in a high bowl, otherwise you’ll have sugar everywhere. Pulse on high until the sugar grains have turned into a super fine powder. Store in an airtight container for at least a month.

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