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Raspberry Brownies

In a Wedding Craze Haze: Raspberry Brownies

It’s funny how things turn out. Mr C and I met five years ago at a restaurant where our two parties were seated next to each other – that’s the thing with this restaurant, you put your name up on a list and wait in the bar until a table is available, and sometimes you…

Mango Passion Shake

Quick Fix: Mango Passion Shake

Sometimes you just need to put some bling on your morning routine. For me that can be eating exotic fruits for breakfast. When I was grocery shopping the other day I bought some very ripe organic mangos and passion fruits on sale to use in my morning breakfast shakes. I’m one of those people –…

White Bean Paté

White Bean Paté with Sage & Oregano

Gosh, I think I went to heaven for a while! What took me so long to discover this genius idea? I just made paté without meat! Growing up I often ate liver paté, made from pork, as a sandwich spread with a slice of pickled beet root. But the past couple of years I have…

Raspberry & Ginger Shake

Quick Fix: Raspberry & Ginger Shake

Ginger is one of my favorite spices and I really like the idea of putting it in smoothies. In this drink I added quite a lot of fresh ginger, but you can use less if you find it too strong. As in the Choco-Coco Banana Shake I use oat milk. It’s not gluten free but…

Choco-Coco Banana Shake

Quick Fix: Choco-Coco Banana Shake

This plant based shake is a delicious treat you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or as a snack for the children in the afternoon. It’s made with oat milk but this can of course be substituted with the plant based milk you prefer – or cows milk if you’re not in the green mood. Choco-Coco…

Tahini Salad Dressing

Tahini & Citrus Dressing

Delicious on a simple salad made with roasted veggies and arugula (ruccola) or as a sauce for haloumi, chicken or salmon. Use preferably organic ingredients, especially when you are using zest from citrus fruits. And substitute honey with agave syrup for a vegan version. Tahini & Citrus Dressing Adapted from River Cottage Veg Every Day…

Tomato Salsa

The Real Deal: Tomato Salsa

Every now and then – quite often in fact – I experience that satisfying feeling you get when you realize how easy something is to cook or bake from scratch. And this strange sound comes out of my mouth, sounding something like “Duuuhaaaha!!”, while my hand keeps slapping my forehead. This happened the other day…